Business Discount Golf Program Sign-Up

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  • The applying business must provide proof, verified by Cranberry Township, that such business is located and operating a business in Cranberry Township (Cranberry Twp. P.O boxes do not qualify).
  • Primary Business owner, president, CEO, office manager or proprietor must be the main contact for the account.
  • Program does not apply to Cranberry Township home-based businesses because homeowner already receives the Cranberry Township Resident discount for golf.
  • A confirmation letter from the business or organization’s primary office must be submitted to the golf course confirming the four individuals’ position and status with the company.
  • A corporate credit card with the business name must be kept on file with the golf course.
  • Business or organization must provide documentation to the satisfaction of Cranberry Highlands and Cranberry Township that the Business applying for Business Discount Golf Program is an operating Business in Cranberry Township. To qualify, Business owner applicant and each employee applicant must be employed by company as principal source of employment. Program is non-transferable, except for transfer to another Employee of same Business upon written notice by business to Cranberry Highlands Golf Course.
  • Photo ID must be presented at golf shop to receive golf discounts.
  • A signed agreement outlining all criteria and stipulations must be kept on file.
  • All play must be booked at least 12 hours and no more than 14 days in advance through Business Discount Program by a business spokesperson/representative via phone or email.
  • No permanent or standing tee times will be available at Cranberry Highlands.
  • All business charges must be applied to the business account. All tabs or charges must be reconciled on the day of play with a corporate credit card, corporate check or personal credit card of main business contact.
  • The Business Discount Golf Program is subject to renewal, review and adjustments annually. Program may be terminated at the end of the calendar year by Cranberry Highlands Golf Course.
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  • Monday- Thursday 18 holes with cart $39 per player
  • Friday 18 holes with cart $50 per player
  • No Green Fee discounts on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
  • Discount only available to four designated company representatives (Non-Transferable)
  • Discounts not valid for group, outing or tournament play.
  • Charging privileges at Golf Shop & Grill (tabs for food and beverage service on the day of play is subject to 18% gratuity).
  • Preferred Tee Time Reservations-14 Days in Advance

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